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Got a challenge? Give us 25 minutes! Attend these fast-paced, informative Theater Presentations in the Exhibit Hall and discover the latest products, services and innovations that health care strategists are using to solve problems and drive their organizations forward.

The Power of Health Care Reviews

Sunday, September 8, 6:45−7:10 p.m. | Theater One

74% of patients use online reviews to find a new doctor. However, we’ve found that on-average only 38% of the country’s biggest health care providers are responding to reviews. In a time when digitally native Millennials and Generation Z patients are beginning to shop for doctors and providers, health care systems can’t afford to ignore their online reputation. When 15% of how Google ranks a business come from review signals, not responding to reviews can stunt your ranking growth - making it harder for patients to find you online. Join Chatmeter’s, Lee Auerbach, as he discusses the power of health care reviews.

Learning Objectives

  • Where and how patients are searching for health care providers.
  • How managing your online reputation and listings can help you earn and retain more patients.
  • Recommendations for improving the online presence of health care providers.
  • Lee Auerbach, SVP of Sales, Chatmeter

Sponsored by Chatmeter

Podcasts as a Health Care Marketing Tool

Sunday, September 8, 7:20–7:45 p.m. | Theater One

Podcasts are exploding in popularity. Perhaps you are already doing a podcast for your hospital and need help or you are considering a podcast to spotlight your talented providers. If you have questions, we have answers. Find out how best use podcasts as a content marketing or physician liaison tool and some of the best practices to create or manage a successful health care podcast.

Learning Objectives

  • Successful applications of podcasts in health care.
  • How to use podcasts for CME/physician referral.
  • Best practices for your podcast.
  • Bill Klaproth, Director of Marketing, Doctor Podcasting
  • Karoline Hutson, Director of Business Development, Doctor Podcasting

Sponsored by Doctor Podcasting

Health Consumers Want a Digital Front Door: Getting More Out of Your Contact Center

Sunday, September 8, 7:30–7:55 p.m. | Theater Two

New research shows that finding a doctor, appointment scheduling and the caregiver experience are the three things that matter most to health consumers – and in turn what can move the needle the most on your organization’s Net Promoter Score. Learn more about the research findings, how to make the most of customer capture to generate volume from valuable leads, and tactics to show generated revenue.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn health consumer drivers of hospital Net Promoter Score, based on new market research.
  • Learn how your contact center can capture customers across digital and call channels.
  • Learn contact center best practices that connect campaigns to help you build a digital front door.


  • Victor Abiad, Senior Principal, Patient Access and Experience, Accenture Health

Sponsored by Accenture Health

What’s Your Story? Building Brand Trust in a Skeptical Age

Monday, September 9, 10:20 a.m.–10:45 a.m. | Theater One

Mother Teresa once said, “I have never had clarity; what I have always had is trust.” Today, when truth can feel more like shifting sand than a firm bedrock, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that patients trust your health care organization. But trust is not something you can list along with safety awards and facts about advanced technology. How do you imbue your brand with this elusive quality? We’ll share concrete steps marketers can take to humanize their brands and build the trust that converts leads to customers and supports continued loyalty—and advocacy—from existing patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why trust is critical in health care marketing, especially in today’s environment of trust scarcity.
  • How your marketing media mix (print/digital) impacts trust.
  • How to build trust and relationship through storytelling and humanized communications.
  • Maria Regan, Director of Healthcare Content Strategy, Wainscot Media
  • Mark Dowden, President & CEO, Wainscot Media

Sponsored by Wainscot Health

Strategy Management: Engaging the Enterprise to Compose Strategic Transformation

Monday, September 9, 10:40–11:05 a.m. | Theater Two

This presentation will describe how to employ strategy management to engage the organization across internal boundaries to orchestrate strategic transformation.

The nature of today’s competitive environment rewards organizations that are more agile and can dynamically adapt their strategies to take advantage of changes in the rapidly evolving marketplace. Strategy management orchestrates continuous strategy design, implementation planning, execution oversight, and change management. Creating consistent consequential processes, models, and knowledgeable decision support helps organizations embrace the need of today’s dynamic strategic planning, while reducing chaos and improving outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to engage across organizational boundaries to achieve strategic transformation.
  • The importance of embracing the dynamic nature of strategic planning.
  • How to employ strategy management to reduce the chaos of change.

Sponsored by OntoReason

Bring Your Content to Life: Enhancing Consumer Comprehension and Retention With Meaningful Infographics and Imagery

Monday, September 9, 10:55–11:20 a.m. | Theater One

Not every picture is worth a thousand words. To truly enhance your audiences’ reading experience and engagement, your imagery needs to be thoughtful, relevant and active. Join GLC as we take you through the process of dissecting dense textual content and translating it into lively and memorable visuals that will keep your audience engaged. Walk away with real-life examples and put them into practice as part of your everyday content strategy and development.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the need for a variety of content, both textual and visual, and how that increases reader engagement.
  • To learn how to take a long-form article and transform it with visual imagery.
  • To learn best practice tips and simple tricks you can use to illustrate your content and engage your readers.


  • Shannon Cummins, VP, Business Development, GLC
  • Scott Oldham, Creative Director, GLC

Sponsored by GLC

Mobile Wayfinding: A Must-Have Patient Engagement Technology in Today’s Competitive Health Care Landscape

Monday, September 9, 3:30– 3:55 p.m. | Theater One

Leading health care systems implement mobile wayfinding platforms for access to services and revenue generating opportunities that go beyond navigation. This presentation reviews three distinct systems: one in a competitive metropolitan area; one recently merged system with double the number of hospitals; and one complex, regional health system. Each system prioritizes a patient-centric approach to care and selected an extensible mobile wayfinding platform to distinguish their systems in a competitive health care landscape. Attendees will learn best practices for hospital mobile platforms including prioritizing patient experience, improving in-network retention and new patient acquisition, and evaluating analytics for ROI.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the features and benefits of a mobile wayfinding platform essential to a patient-centric approach to care.
  • Recognize how sustained engagement of a hospital-branded mobile app drives revenue and improves access to care.
  • Assess ROI and sustained engagement of a mobile app based on real time analytics and digital patient experience KPIs.


  • Barb Kragor, Vice President, Sales and Customer Experience, Gozio

Sponsored by Gozio

Building a Lifeline with Patients and Providers

Monday, September 9, 3:45–4:10 p.m. | Theater Two

Making innovative changes to your patient marketing and outreach efforts can be scary—especially when things are going well. Consumer expectations continue to be set by non-health care industries and providers are being faced with the choice to adapt, or be overtaken by their competitors. Hear how this innovator, Indiana University Health System is working to shift internal priorities, attitudes and cultures towards newer approaches to marketing and patient engagement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the key elements of being a positive influencer of change in demanding health care settings and leave with actionable steps from go live and beyond.
  • Learn how to build cross-functional support for implementing CRM-driven patient engagement campaigns.
  • Hear how an innovative organization developed a compelling story to share with key stakeholders.


  • Oliviah Goh Kidder, CRM Manager, Indiana University Health

Sponsored by Salesforce

The Next Generation of Smarter Patient Acquisition and Retention Through Best Next Action Insights

Monday, September 9, 4:05– 4:30 p.m. | Theater One

You’re given budget and directive to grow market share. Do you know what the best investment is to achieve your growth goal; which geography, service line, or even procedures to focus on; or exactly how or where to target consumers and providers?

Let’s shift how we prioritize opportunities for growth and transform marketing and provider outreach planning with better intelligence that recommends your best next action—meaning performance metrics will improve and ROI will outpace previous periods. Join this session to apply next gen market exploration strategies to drive service line growth and extend patient lifetime value.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore top market opportunities to meet strategic system goals.
  • Apply best next action insights in marketing, campaign, and strategic planning.
  • Demonstrate greater financial impact through improved cross-functional strategies.


  • Dan Lavelle, VP of Healthcare Marketing, Evariant
  • Emilio Ruocco, VP of Analytics Product Marketing, Evariant

Sponsored by Evariant

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Location Intelligence

Monday, September 9, 4:20–4:45 p.m. | Theater Two

To get ahead and stay ahead of your competition you need data, visualization and decision support systems which provide additional insight. ArcGIS is a geographic information system platform that provides location intelligence to illuminate patterns in your market and create actionable insights that drive growth. A location perspective also deepens your understanding of patients' personal and community needs and creates a more comprehensive portrait of your markets with data, analytics, dynamic market dashboards, and interactive maps. Learn how to take advantage of the full power of digital technologies to propel your strategic decision-making, marketing and management to the next level.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain understanding of your patients’ and community’s needs.
  • Discover patterns that provide actionable insight in your market.


  • Estella Geraghty, Chief Medical Officer, Esri

Sponsored by Esri

A Survival Guide: Three Ways to Ensure Success with Gaining Market Share and Service Line Growth

Tuesday, September 10, 9:45–10:10 a.m. | Theater Two

In today’s health care climate, only the strong will survive. Today's winners in health care are those with access to the most robust financial and operational data and analytics. When applied, the approach to enhance market share, grow service lines and improve patient experience can be attained and help your organization survive. The question is – what is the right mix? Join us to learn the ultimate survival guide and the three ways to get there.

Learning Objectives

  • Create more powerful physician alignment strategies and build better clinically integrated networks to improve care delivery
  • Understand how hospital marketers can influence patient experience and outcomes
  • Gain additional market share by understanding service line growth and referral patterns


  • Richard Grape, Director, Market Planning, LexisNexis
  • Joe Finazzo, Senior Director, Provider Market Sales, LexisNexis

Sponsored by LexisNexis

Content Marketing: Choosing the Right Partner

Tuesday, September 10, 9:45–10:10 a.m. | Theater One

Chances are you have thought about incorporating content marketing into your digital strategy, or perhaps, you implemented a team and are looking to take the next step within the space. Whatever the case, come learn from our team at the Hearst StoryStudio. Founded in 2015 as a full-service content marketing studio for the San Francisco Chronicle, we have since grown to support all 30 television stations and 86 newspapers within the Hearst portfolio. We have refined and built our platform so that it is positioned competitively in the marketplace from a cost, flexibility and scalability perspective.

Learning Objectives:

  • 4-step process to tackle any type of content marketing project (roadmap).
  • The questions to ask before partnering with a content marketing provider.
  • An understanding of the major themes within healthcare content marketing and how brands have both creatively and successfully told their stories to their target audiences.


  • Michele Ribaudo, Vice President, The Story Studio
  • Alison Pfaff, President, The Story Studio
  • Kevin Vanover, Business Development Manager, The Story Studio

Sponsored by The Story Studio

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